• Kitchen remodelling


  • Kitchen remodelling
  • Kitchen remodelling

What is the process to remodel my kitchen?

Full kitchen remodelling: Estimated time is 3/4 weeks.

1. Let's talk...
Tell us about your plans, and we'll make a project for you accordingly
2. Your design...
We'll show you your design in 3D in order you to evaluate all details and expectations of your new kitchen.
3. Materials...
Once the distribution of spaces has been agreed, we'll choose together those materials which better match your design and style.
4. Work start
We'll find together the dates to start and finish the jobs at your convenience.
Renders cocina

Now it's time to...

We all know that finding the best moment to start a remodelling work is a difficult decision. This is why Teknocuines we'll try to make this time as short as possible and we'll cause the minimum inconveniences to you and your family. All jobs, details, materials, and working team, will be supervised and managed by just one person from Teknocuines. This person will become your partner from the very beginning. You don't have to worry aout anything. We'll take care of everything to meet your expectations in time.

Do not hesitate it, now it's time to...