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    Ak_05 Tailormade

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AK 05 Tailormade

“Kitchen becomes a "system”, a system that articulates around 5 different types of opening: of the doors with the song to 30 °, to the lacquered outer doors in color equipped with the exclusive system of patented fixture concealing. 5 different solutions, through a range of selected materials, create different aesthetic and tactile impacts.

26 mm thick doors, from the 10 woods in brushed Rovere, to the 7 Micromaltes of material in the refined tonalities of the lacquered Oxidized or the glazed Lacquers and matched in Ral scale. In addition, new functional solutions among which the new compartments viewed with glazed metal, with concealing fixing systems, and new internal equipment that optimize the storage spaces.


  • Open holes
  • Straight edge door
  • Extensible table
  • Outer handle
  • Bar with glass leg
  • Lighting

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